Hofmann Machinery Now Available Through LIMZ

LIMZ Machinery Group is proud to announce that we are now the 

authorized U.S. dealer for Hofmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH.

We can help you obtain and finance
Hofmann's complete catalog of Planing,
Milling and Drilling machines, including

Hofmann has been making high quality machinery since 1919,
has built its own foundry to ensure that it can obtain
only the finest cast iron for raw materials, and rebuilt its own factory in 2008.
Having won awards for its machines since 1985, the Hofmann name
is synonymous with quality design, engineering and innovation,
including rapid tool replacement and modern touch screen controls.  

Hofmann Planers

AHW 412 / AHW 512 / AHW 632

D512 / D632

AD 616 / AD 635

Hofmann Moulders

TFS 107

TF 1245 / TFS1245

TFS 1260

UFM 210 Vision

Hofmann Drills

LB 760 / LB 760-S